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Does it matter which eigenvectors

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    If you solve the Schrödinger equation time independent and find a number of stationary position states they are eigenstates. So say uou find the eigen state ψ then c*ψ is also an eigenstate, Does it matter which of these I pick as the eigenstate or is it only the eigenvalue that matters?
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    We generally require our states to be normalized. This still lets you choose the overall complex phase of the state. You can take this phase to be anything you want, because the overall phase is not physical (i.e., not measurable).
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    By the First postulte of Quantum Mechanics, state is the most important thing, it contains all the information that can be known, eigen value will give you just the probablity, state is what we really intend to look for!!!!!
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    Eigenvalues are what one can measure in experiments.
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    eigen value of a particular eigen state, its the probablity of the state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Are you thinking of expansion coefficients? The eigenvalues are not probabilities.
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