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Does space contract uniformly in all directions?

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    Hello, from time to time I got question in physics for which I can't readily find answers. I hope I can get answers here. Here is my current one: Usually textbooks state that space contracts in direction parallel to direction of motion. It sounds strange, because time changes uniformly, and as I understand it space should contract in the same way in orthogonal directions too. - otherwise (to my understanding) some lows of physics will be different.
    Example: in relation to earth all planets are spheres , but for an object moving from sun to earth, if planet will "contract" only in one direction it will became elliptical. But planets are spheres because lows of physics determine their spherical form , so IMO space should contract uniformely.
    Please help
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    This is not the place to post questions -- it's exclusively for introductions. Please post your question in the appropriate forum section.
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