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Dr. Plato A Lucien Hardy called and

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    "Dr. Plato...A "Lucien Hardy" called and..."


    Just to stir the pot a bit:
    "Are quantum states real?"

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    Mate that's an old one. It can be viewed as either depending on what interpretation appeals. I generally like reading Hardy's stuff and will probably give that paper a read sometime.

    Of recent times we have had the PBR Theorem which some take as showing the wave function must be real. But a careful analysis shows that's not really the case and the situation is for any interpretation where it is real one can find one where it isn't and conversely as another of my favorite authors Schlosshauer points out:

    I personally hold to an interpretation where it isn't real but simply represents a state of knowledge - but that means nothing except perhaps revealing the type of aesthetics that appeals to me. What we need are experiments to decide.

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    "Then, in 2011 Pusey, Barrett, and Rudolph obtained the momentous result that, under a certain separability assumption, distinct pure quantum states have non-overlapping probability distributions this providing the first proof that the quantum state is a real thing in the terms outlined above. The separability assumption employed by PBR is that independently prepared pure quantum states correspond to a product of probability distributions over ontic states..."

    PBR figures in this paper. It's a good read.
    I understand "state of knowledge", maybe even yours, I hope. Remember (the very early) Russell here:
    "My God in boots, the ontological argument is sound!" Or not.

    BTW, RILLY liked your posts on Helium. Lots of thought there.
    Before it's all over, I believe it will be shown that Galactic Jets from rapidly spinning Black Holes are also manifestations of quantum effects visible in the "Classical" Universe. Stay Tuned.

    Thanx bhobba,

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    Thanks mate. Don't really think its lots of thought as much as simply being familiar standard literature such as Schlosshauer's textbook on decoherence. It really is a must read IMHO. It revolutionized my understanding of QM.

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