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Eqgh5uea introduction (not a question)

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    Name: Dan Ruth

    Little confusing. Does all the threads have to do with a question? Is there a Forum that allows discussion?


    I'm working toward being a 'Site Supervisor' for construction since I have been an apprentice a couple times.

    If I had to explain what I can offer to the world other than building -- a Polymath of sorts. I love trying to prove to people that the ancient scholars had every right to use trial-and-error and to also show they have a voice today by expressing leadership in the form of our environment.

    I have some great friends but I also have some terrible ones (like every1 I'm sure). Not too advanced in physics and mathematics but I'm great at finding a biological or poetic REASON to why things are things...

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    Welcome eggh5uea,

    Questions are welcome in the appropriate forums, this is just introductions, not the place to post homework or ask for help with problems, or start a discussion, that's what the upper forums are for. The upper forums are where the people are that can answer questions. Introductions just gives new people an opportunity to learn how to make a first post/thread and say hello. :smile:
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    Don't understand.
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    Go to INFO at the top of the page, and click on Help/How-To. That will give you some helpful advice on how best to use the PF. You can also find a copy of the PF rules under INFO.
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    Hmmm. Okay.
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