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Homework Help: Evaluation of Strike and the 3 point problem

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    Evaluation of Strike and the 3 point problem....

    If anyone in ehre is familiar with the 3-point problem and Cramers Rule, I need some help.

    In the evaluation of strike, you are supposed to take the equation for the plane in the horizontal xy plane. But when you arctan the slope, you are supposed to use the slope with x plotted as a functin of y. I don't quite understand this concept. If you need a better explanation you can read about it in this paper written by my teacher.


    Its equation 26.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Evaluation of Strike and the 3 point problem....

    Nevermind, after thinking about it for about 10 minutes I got it :( ROFL 1 year later MUHAHAHAHAHA :eek:
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