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Eye of the storm at Saturn's north pole

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    Hi! I'm really excited about recent APoD picture, which shows Cassini's photo of a gigantic storm on Saturn's north pole. They also have an animation! I can't wait for a colour picture and videos.

    Meanwhile, since I still didn't state the purpose of this thread, what are the inner vortex dimensions? NASA's webpage says the probe took the picture from four hundred thousand kilometers away, but I can't find anything about the storm size.

    Also, the larger scale image shows an evident hexogonal structure, what on Earth is it caused by?
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    I do not think it is caused by anything on earth.
    Sorry, could not resist ;).

    I found 25000km as diameter for the hexagonal structure. Comparing this with an image of both together, this would indicate ~2000km for the diameter of the inner part.
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    Now that is seriously impressive

    thanks for the links :)

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