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Fan and Filter Seperation Dist.?

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    I'm currently designing the ventillation for a number of pump stations for a large water pipeline. Essentially this will mainly involve forced air cooling, to keep the space within 5degress of ambient (i.e. no air conditioning).

    My question has to with fan and and air filter arrangements. Through some brief reading I have found some 'rules of thumb' saying that the filter should be placed away from the fan at a distance of at least 1.5 x fan diameter, for uniformity of air flow through the filter.

    Does anyone know any formal standards or industry guidelines that specify this. Or even websites of manufactures that look more legit. than the one's Ive found
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    I am not sure of formal standards, but often 3 to 8 pipe diameters are used to straighten the flow for something like this.
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