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Fascinated by the space,stars,sky

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    This is shankar doing my Undergraduate Course in Engineering..
    Since childhood i`ve been quite fascinated by the space,stars,sky etc...
    I took up BE course under Mechanical Stream now after finishing upon by high school...
    NOw.. what i would like to know is whether Doing a Master`s in Astronomy or Astrophysics possible.. i dont really know if doing it after doing a Bachelor course under mechanical engineering make any sense at all.. but then being crazy about space stars n sky.. i just thought i`d rather confirm my doubt before jumping upon a conclusion.. So yeah Is it possible to do a Post graduate course under Astronomy After Engineering?
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    Re: Astronomy

    "Is it possible to do a Post graduate course under Astronomy After Engineering?"

    Absolutely! After all, orbits are generally exercises in Newtonian mechanics, and someone has to spec & design the telescopes. You might want to talk to someone in your astronomy department about which elective courses you should pursue.

    On the down side, the biggest trick is going to be getting an astronomy-related job when you finish school. You might want to start checking out job ads in, say, the classified section of Physics Today, and try to start corresponding with people at various institutions.
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    Re: Astronomy

    You will definitely need to study on your own (or take elective courses in astronomy) in order to make it feasible. Walking into a graduate class in astronomy requires not only an undergraduate preparation in physics, but also familiarity with all the basic astrophysical concepts. So if you don't know what the chandrasekhar mass is, the hertzprung russel diagram, FRW universe, main sequence stars, galactic rotation curves, etc., it will be difficult. Fortunately, almost all this is covered in some detail in 2-3 undergraduate astronomy courses.
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    Re: Astronomy

    The core curriculum for an engineering degree is entirely compatible with astrophysics - you need lots of pure math and applied mathematics courses.
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