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Filmmaker/Artist/Quantum Physics/Physics/Cosmology/Parent

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    Hello folks. This thread is open for discussion among those who want to explore the similarities between the experiential principles found in art and physics.
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    My son is looking for a small liberal arts institution with undergraduate programs in Cosmology and Filmmaking, and if possible a strong history department. Any suggestions? We are searching, but felt this forum would have a lot to offer. If this doesn't exist, any advice for proceeding through undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and post-doc educational paths? We are a STEAM family.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    The New Member Introductions forum is just for short introductory posts, not for long discussions or questions.

    For your post #1, you might be able to start a discussion in the General Discussion forum, but you would need to start it off with your thoughts. Keep in mind that we do not allow discussions of philosophy here at the PF, though, so that discussion may not fit the rules.

    For your post #2, please start a new thread in the Academic Guidance forum. :smile:
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