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Find Radial Velocity of Galaxies

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    I searched galaxies and their radial velocities in online but I found nothing can you give me a list about them.
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    What do you mean "radial velocities of galaxies". Radial from what center?
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    @phinds radial velocities in astronomy are the components of velocities of observables measured in the radial direction from the vantage point (i.e. Earth), usually reduced to the heliocentric rest frame.

    Try one of the databases:

    There are too many objects for any single list. Constrain the search terms to some chosen parameters. E.g., in SIMBAD adjust 'output options' so that it displays in HTML form with velocities in the list mode. Then choose e.g. a range of redshifts (type something like 'redshift > 5') in the parameter selection box. Be mindful of the two kinds of velocities displayed: 'cz velocity' and 'radial velocity'.
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    Thanks for site.It will help me. I was talking about velocity which calculated v=(MG/R)^1/2
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