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Finding the solution of this equation

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    Is the following formula solvable?


    Thanks very much~
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    [itex] w = i v + C,\ w = -iv + D[/itex]
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    o,thanks a lot~
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    i am trying to solve a ODE using the method of characteristics

    now i found this equation, but i can't solve it:

    dy/dx = ( 2*y^2 - x^6)/(x*y)

    the solution of x = x(0)*exp(y*s)
    s is the parametrization

    the equation that i am trying to solve:

    xy* (du/dx) + (2*y^2 -x^6)*(du/dy) = 0 x>0 y => 0

    can someone help me. i have to found the ground characteristics
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    Post #4 has nothing to do with this thread. Please start a thread of your own.
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