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For travel or train buffs with a lot of time on their hands

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    http://www.google.ru/intl/ru/landing/transsib/en.html [Broken]

    Videos of the entire Trans-Siberian Railway, shot out of train windows. Each video has its own YouTube page, which you can get to by clicking the link at the top left of the embedded videos, here or on the map page.

    There are hours and hours of mind-numbing forests, of course, but there are also some very scenic sections. I suspected the stretch past Lake Baikal would be good, so I checked it out first.

    Approaching the west end of the lake, coming down out of the mountains:

    -FOfxwMZs68[/youtube] Skirting the...t 13:40. [MEDIA=youtube]ecxKrJMEbWk[/MEDIA]
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    That really is nice footage around the lake. Very relaxing watching it.
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