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Gara's Intro (Fact in Fiction)

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    According to the welcoming msg I received, I need to introduce myself.

    I tend to go by Garavainus online. I am an author working on a science fiction series that is focusing on strong levels of actual plausibility and often find myself dangling just outside my abilities to make the calculations I need to make to determine if a particular theory is plausible. I have been doing quite a bit of research, but sometimes I don't even know the right questions to ask.

    I hope that my presence here posing such questions as (my current conundrum) "How would I convert a psi measurement into a gravitational measurement? (Such as identifying the dimensions and materials construct of a support beam on a body that has 39times Earth's gravitational pull)" is not unwelcome. (If it is, please let me know now and I will attempt to locate a more appropriate forum.

    I'm not posting that above as a question, just as an example. I will post the question in a more appropriate forum.

    Again, while I am writing science fiction, I want all aspects based in seriously sound FACT.

    Elsewise, good to meet you all.

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    Welcome Garavainus. I think that should be fine, assuming youplace it in the appropriate subforum.
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    Thanks. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the discussions that might get sparked by some of the questions I have.
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    Well then start asking :-p
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