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Get the cheapo oil change but upgrade the filter

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    There are a lot of really tacky oil filters on the market. Get a filter that costs at least $8. The $3.27 filter that my daughter in law got with her $19.95 Walmart oil changed failed in three days.

    I use the top of the line Purolator or Mobile 1 filters. There are other good brands, but avoid the bottom line filters.

    The cheapo's do a poor job filtering the oil and yes, either of two internal valves can fail. If the anti drain back valve fails, as was my daughter in laws case, the vehicle will clatter like crazy on every start up.

    Many of them are coming out of China.

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    Good to know.
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    That is a good link. Note that on the Fram filters they have cardboard or some kind of fiber end caps on the cartridge until you get up to the $8 range.

    http://www.gmtruckcentral.com/images/Oil-Filters/Fram PH5/exploded.jpg

    You get what you pay for with most any brand. A lot of brand name filters in including Fram are made by Champion Labs. Some are made in China.

    Auto parts are getting to be like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

    Edit: Champion Labs is Now FRAM Filtration

    http://www.champlabs.com/content/royal-purple-oil-filters [Broken]
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