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Graphical modeling of a dynamic system Help!

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    I do not if it is the right section, however

    I'm Antonio and I am Italian so I apologize for my English.
    I have a problem
    I'm trying to manage a mathematical modeling from a graphical point of view, (I applied chaos theory and the theory of earthquakes and using the concept of point of catastrophe).
    in particular I have 12 sets of vectors;
    each set consists of 5 vectors;
    each series of 5 vectors, form a polygon;
    each carrier of the series is a pivot for the next series (based on the position);
    I have tried to correlate 11 sets;
    12 ° the series is my unknown;

    I would like to find a mathematical formula that analyzes 11 series, and will find the 12 th series of vectors ?!

    V_12 is { (?,?) (?,?) (?,?) (?,?) (?,?)}

    V_1 → V_2 → V_3 → V_4 → V_5.... etc etc.
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    but here no one can help me??
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    I did not say that. I just suggested a site where questions are asked and answered.
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