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Gravitational Disc consequence ?

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    Gravitational Disc consequence!!!?????

    It there some kind of reason why the solar system is in the shape of a disc, as we'll as some galaxies?

    Is there a gravitational consequence which result equatorial orbits?
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    Re: Gravitational Disc consequence!!!?????

    Actually, the solar system isn't the shape of a disc. The orbits of some specific planets vary greatly from the 2-D plane you seem to be talking about. The reason for the ellipsoid orbits if i may, perhaps lies in the fact that the sun isn't a homogeneous sphere in density and its large size. This may have impacted the orbits of the pre-planetary space dust that orbited it. It also depends on the suns own rotation upon its axis which is tilted to a degree causing certain wobbles. The same thing happens to earth as well. That could be one of the factors involed in this occurrence.
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