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Gravitino production in the early universe.

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    Hi again not sure if to post here or in the beyond SM section, but because it is to do with early universe/inflation i posted here.

    I have been reading that gravitinos can be produced during reheating after inflation (particular in fermionic preheating). Does anyone know why fermionic preheating in particular, is it because the inflaton decays directly into these gravitinos.

    Also are these gravitinos present because the reheating phase or osciallting inflaton around the minima is analogous to symmetry breaking so grvaitinos arise out of that.
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    Well considering gravitinos are predicted in supersymmetry. That may or may not exist along with the graviton for that matter lol.

    One paper on it is this one.


    It may help answer your query as it shows the fermionic processes
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