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Gravity as a cancellation force

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    is it possible that gravity cancels as opposed to attracts, and could that be the reason that we cannot locate the graviton. i'm thinking of the casimir effect and the closer objects are to each other there is a disruption in the field. and the field that normally repels can collapse.

    just a thought
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, genphis!

    I would say that the existence of gravitons might not be detected for a number of reasons. They may not exist! Also, gravitons may be too difficult to detect individually because of their very low energy. Presumably, large numbers of them act as predicted by General Relativity; if so, there is no good way to distinguish a quantum explanation from GR except at conditions similar to the Big Bang.

    The point is: any explanation is somewhat speculative at this point, yet any hypothesis must match GR at energies similar to those of the observable world. One important requirement of any hypothesis: mass slows the passage of time per GR, an effect that is observable. None of the other quantum forces have this dynamic relationship.

    I do not believe there are any quantum gravity candidate theories that have the feature you propose. Do you see why?
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    Er.. quantum Zeno effect? I was always curious, if a large chunk of mass in fact simply creates some kind of quantum Zeno effect (by strongly coupling with nearby objects). Not even wrong?
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    This was first proposed in 1690. It is in gross violation with observation - it predicts an unobserved drag force, an unobserved violation of the equivalence principle, and an unobserved and catastrophic degree of heating of all matter - if this theory were correct, we'd all be incinerated within moments.
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