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Greetings fellow electron modulators

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    My life as an Electrical Engineer started in 1975, married with 1 child.
    I had many opportunities and participated in many world 1st's in Aerospace R&D including 1st, Telecom R&D, TE Mgr for HDD Magnetics Mfg Test Engineering, Operations Mgr/Eng for Wireless AMR, Eng Mgr for Contract Mfg and Design Services Mgr for a multinational corporation with clients requiring solutions for new product DVT's, head mounted Video Display design, and PoE for VOIP Telecom racks in high volume.
    My 1st big solo project was a few yrs after graduation with a 200 channel SCADA with a remote RS-485 link, for Rocket ground station remote control. Later in the late 70's designing T1 test equipment to debug a CATV network with the first ISDN Broadband WAN network to 100 home trial. (many other 1sts)

    I decided at 55 to retire and now 10 yrs later with 6 grandchildren, I have been mentoring others in every field of applied sciences including Electronics and Power Systems.

    I just found this forum and I know Physics guys tend to be brighter than many EE students , so I thought I might shed some light here to help out. (Pun intended)
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    That's really awesome! :smile:
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    Welcome to the PF, Tony. Nice to have you here. :smile:
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