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Handicapped people becoming pilot

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    Can a handicapped person become a pilot of a passenger or cargo air plane?

    I am a male and handicapped.I am lame.My left leg is about an inch smaller than the right and I don't have knee caps on any of my knees.The upper part of left leg(above knee) is thin too.My waist is also different than normal people.It's okay in the inside but due to my legs unbalance it is getting angled in a different position.

    I can still walk,as fast as a normal person.I look bad when I walk but I can do it without the need of any instruments.

    Can I become a pilot if I do all the necessary things needed.I heard there's a medical check up during the training,will they approve me.Even if they do will I ever get a job anywhere?:(
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    You might want to look up your local FAA office and tell them about your specific case. I know that you can get a private license, but I am not sure how it works for commercial pilots.
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