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Hello from a young physics enthusiast!

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    I bid everyone hello! I wonder why I didn't join this forum before, for some reason I didn't think a universal one even existed.
    I am a 10th grade student interested mainly in physics, mathematics and computer science.
    I am mostly interested in astrophysics as well as particle physics. My first time doing something physics related was playing Orbiter 2010 when I was 12, after that I got interested in a popular game called "Kerbal Space Program" which runs on the PhysX engine and features multiple celestial bodies and the ability to construct your very own spaceships based on the laws of physics. Though only 90% of the physics simulations are accurate, it really helped me better understand everything by visualization.
    Now I want to learn more since there aren't any additional classes in physics this year in my school.
    I am happy to become part of this comunity!
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    Welcome to PF!
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