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Hello! I am Syndicate

  1. Nov 9, 2015 #1
    Hello! My name is Syndicate.
    I am someone that can help but really doesn't say that they're 100% sure. (just watch me forget my password)
    I will thank people that help me and I would help other people too!
    Where I find my sources are:
    also sometimes there will be the answer to the question here!
    I hope you have a fun time with me here
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    Nice to meet you here Syndicate. There are really great thinkers on this forum and if you get stuck on some problem just tell us ;)
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    I do have to caution you about one thing... Unlike many internet forums, there's a fair chance that the person who's going to post after you in the thread is qualified to write (and may even have written) the wikipedia piece or the paper that you found using Google.
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