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Hello - Introduce Myself - 65 yr old Male who likes to think

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    I have no letters ahead, behind, beside, above, or below my name, but I do love science - particularly applications of science that may be moving through unchartered waters, I snap out if it and face my reality - that notion had been staring me in the face for much too long of time - prodding...poking.....mildly intimidating and wanting to play. Suddenly, the light flickers, the audience oohs and ahh's as they stumble over one another - tripping across the stage - until I am left alone....I thought I was alone.....I am not alone, so let the cards fall where they may - I'm thinking propellers..........to be continued
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Yes, Propellers.... I designed and tested an innovative, propeller prototype seems very efficient at either gathering energy or distributing energy. I don't know how to measure the efficiency of the propeller to collect and / or distribute energy in both water and air environments. I would also like to measure the cavitation tolerance and the sound levels generated in relation to the RPM's of the spinning propeller. I will provide the propeller design to parties who respond to my post and who are interested in finding practical applications to which this unique propeller design could be applied.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    The New Member Introductions forum is for just that (hence the name), not for technical discussions. Please post your questions in the ME forum, where Aero-type questions generally fit best. It helps if you post links to the technical reading you have been doing about evaluation airfoil (and propeller) designs -- there is definitely a lot of good scientific information available on the web.
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