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Help me find a couple of good articles

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    can you please help me find a good article on all that weird stuff in modern physics? the article can be specific or general ... it doesnt really matter as long as it pertains to modern physics
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    Sorry, Virgo girl:
    Your question is a bit too general for this group. They like to discuss specific problems in quantum physics here.

    However, since 2005 is the anniversary of Einstein's most celebrated work (papers), you might try looking on various sites for what people refer to as Einstein's 'Annus Mirabilis'. Many articles on this are general review and refer to the current issues in physics and cosmology.
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    I think we've already addressed this earlier in a different thread: your request is overly broad. This "weird stuff in modern physics" covers probably a century of developments, from Einstein papers (this would make an excellent topic) to all sorts of "weird" things that get used in household appliances (the development of a theory for semiconductors, for instance). You need to figure out in more detail what you want to do, then come back and ask us for directions.
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