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Heterogeneous nucleation - Mentos and coke

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    Hello guys , i'm a medical student , and i'm very fascinated by this Mentos and diet cola experiment , however i do not understand it completly and i would like to know the followings
    -From my understanding it happens because of Heterogeneous Nucleation , is that right ? Then i do not undertand why is the CO2, which starts as liquid form turns actually into gas ? isn't supposed to turn into solid by common logic ? I dont really understand that.
    -Why is that happens mainly when the mentos sinks at the bottom of the coke ?
    -After this phenomenon, is the liquid (coke) + CO2 still pressurized ? if its not , why is it losing it's pressure ?
    -Last question about the pressure - does a super-pressurized coke will produce an higher eruption ?

    I read some in the internet , but every website explains the Nucleation process differently , i think i understand it , but not fully though.

    I asked alot of questions , but i'm really curious :)
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    The C02 starts off as a gas disolved in the coke. It stays a gas.
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    Thanks for the reply , so i assume that the cola + co2 is a supersaturated solution , why is the mentos and the nucleation causing it to lose pressure ?
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    sry for bumping guys , i would really appreciate if anyone knows a good webpage / article / book about nucleation (except wiki)
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