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Hi all, I'm going to become an inventor

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    I didn't exactly know what to put for a title so I just put it right there haha. My name is Sam, I'm an electrical engineer. I'm 19 years old, I'm going to Drexel in the fall for electrical and computer engineering at the moment. I've studied electronics for the past 3 years on my own time and have gained a lot from learning about it. I've also been studying business and persuasion, mechanics, and most recently chemistry! I want to be an inventor, so having as wide a bed of knowledge as possible is helpful. My goal by the end of college is to learn the limits of the current fields in engineering so I can effectively use as many technologies to create whatever inventions or innovations come to mind. I'm not going to be a braniac mad scientist but I want to know what's possible, that's what I mean. My specialty at the moment is electronics, so I might continue with that, but chemistry is the other motivator I've just started considering the past few weeks. Things like materials engineering are most fascinating- it seems like the coolest, newest technologies start with a materials breakthrough.

    A little more about me, I'm a basement tinkerer I guess. But this summer I've been interning with a wireless power engineering company which makes wireless charging pads for electric cars. It's been a great experience so far, as they know where my skills are, and give me real things to design or test or program. I'm also learning so much about what engineering is really like, as well as things like machining and construction techniques I couldn't have learned anywhere else.

    At home I have a good electronics work bench I've built up over the years with a little desk, a shelf of parts and components, a library of electronics and mechanics books (plenty of cheap old versions of books, and some new expensive books that I was not too excited to buy but I figured it was worth it), a soldering iron and a pile of protoboard stuff, a tool box of screwdrivers and wire cutters and stuff, a 3d printer (just a DaVinci), and a table top on a chest with blowtorches and heat guns and rubber and acrylic and whatever things I've recently taken apart! It's a good start I say. It's taken me 3 years of saving and spending to make it all work! But I love it down there. The more tools I have the faster I can do my projects and the sooner I can start new projects.

    My current favorite books are On intelligence by Jeff Hawkins, which I read a few years ago and still enjoy, The Art of Electronics (3ed) which is awesome, even if it costed me $120, and The Disappearing Spoon which is just a really cool look at the history of the elements on the periodic table.

    When I'm not doing electronics, I'm outside playing soccer or basketball, or going longboarding or slacklining, or hanging out with my friends lighting off fireworks or running around at night! I work myself a good bit so I need the time off haha. Alright now you know all about me, feel free to add me on Google+ and check out my electronics journal that I write in. You can probably find it on my Google+, it just shares my thoughts and aspirations and whatever projects I'm working on. Helps me organize my thoughts and gives me a chance to share things that I write to teach other people things. Until next time ~Sam Gallagher
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Sam. :smile:
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