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Hi, I am new to this site and hope to solve mutual problems

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    Hello to everydody. I am new to this forum and I am sure it will help solve some problems of mine as well as I can help others to solve theirs.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, adisabeba. From Ethiopia, I guess?
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    I am living in an apartment and suddenly we started to get an electric shock, at random, when touching a water tap. Since I am an Electrical Technician, I started
    my research on the origin of the problem, and after carrying out a series of tests I found out 'at the end' that turning off all the breakers (in the breaker box) and measuring the voltage between each input-line hot wire and the metal box surface I got a full 120 V reading! The other tests I made were the following:
    1- I turned off all the breakers and then turned each back on, and then off, sequentially and measuring the voltage at the corresponding outlet. In all
    the cases I got a full 120V between the water pipe and the hot wire at the outlet. With this test I wanted to verify any leaking voltage of each breaker line.
    2- When testing the water heater line (turning its breaker on), I found out that there was a 90 V reading between the hot wire and each of the two ends of the
    heater resistance; of course, after I set apart the cables.
    So, the only clue I have is the breaker box-to-hot-wires voltage, and I wonder where and how the water line and the electrical metallic conduit shake hands.
    Any help?
    No. I am from Venezuela.
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    Please note that you are posting this in the New Member Introduction. The intro e-mail you got, and the rules for this forum, clearly indicate that the New Member forum is only to be used to introduce yourself. All other questions must be posted in the relevant forum on PF, not on here.

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