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    Hi: You can call me Maroubrabeach, a reference to where I live in Sydney Australia.
    I am a retired Maintenance Fitter with a great interest in cosmology and astronomy, and although obviously only an amatuer, I have read plenty on the subject such as Hawking's Brief History of Time, Kaku's Hyperspace, Kip Thorne's Black Holes and Time Warps, Weinburg's The First Three Minutes, Paul Davis's Superforce and many others.
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    Welcome to PF Maroubrabeach!
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    I have been a member of another forum with the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Service] that went defunct and just recently another forum, where I have decided to leave of my own accord, due to the time wasted on god botherers, god of the gaps inferences, and quacks and cranks in general.
    I prefer discussing real science and genuine reasonable speculation/s
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