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Hi My name is Mike (no schooling but a passion for physics)

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    Hi, with bullying in school from teachers and pupils and then problems at home there was little time for learning... but as times settled down and chaos became calmer chaos :) questions were asked and answers became a mission or should I say an itch that I don't know how to scratch...
    I was lucky enough to have a tutor once for a short while who showed me some basic physics and mathematics but starting from scratch in ones 30s is not an easy task...
    Still here I am now 10 years later and I still have the itch... I'm humbled to be in your virtual company and I hope that I can learn enough from you all so that one day I may contribute and be of benefit in return,
    I have lots of questions and welcome everyone to comment or criticize constructively or even just to say hello.
    Thanks for taking the time to read me.
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    Welcome to PF Mike!
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    Thanks you :)
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