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Hi my name is sigamana Mechanical Eng inservice student at a hydroelectric plant i have a question

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    am currently designing a servo motors for a spillway gate for a dam , I have some doubts on how to determine the pushing force( the force needed to drop the spillway gate at a safe rate) for a piston carrying a heavy load of 275tons at a speed of 0.4447 m/min(this speed was pre-determined by me because I wanted a for the spillway gate to close in 40 min having a total stroke of 8m) can anyone chat suggest books or articles that I should read or who to speak to in this community that could get me closer to the solution?
    Best regards
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    Hi sigmana. you will need to start a new thread in the proper forum to ask these questions, this is just a place to say *hello*.
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    I see you found the right place for your question... good!
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    Sigamana seems to be an interesting name.. Certaintly a good name to sign research papers.. Your parents named you for success! Welcome to PF mate.
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    Welcome Sigamana!
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    Thank you … truly appreciated the warm welcoming in to this community
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