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History of math in the 20th century. Need Help.

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    Hi im looking for information regarding the rise and fall of Russian and German mathematical prowess respectively, in the 20th century.

    Essentially in need of information surrounding the second world war and the effect of the Nazi party on math in germany and russia/

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    What are you talking about?

    The French own the mathematics community. :biggrin:

    We share it with the Japaness though, and some Americans. :redface:
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    Did you try google?

    I suppose the 'fall' of German mathematics is directly related to the Nazis' treatment of Jewish mathematicians and scholars. Many of them were not allowed to maintain their university positions and as such had to flee to other countries such as the USA. One example would be Gottingen -- it used to be the world's leading mathematics institute, home to greats such as Gauss, Dirichlet and Riemann.
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