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How Can Space Exist Without Time?

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    Hey Guys,

    I had a question about Hawking's no-boundary proposal for the beginning of the universe, in which he proposes that near the beginning of the universe, time gave way to space and the universe became a timeless 4-dimensional space.

    My question is this: how can space exist without time? Isn't time necessary for change to occur within space? So if you didn't have time, and thus no change, how could space ever change from this 4-dimensional timeless space into the timed space that we currently experience?
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    block universe picture. The universe, as a whole, isn't evolving
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    Time is a man made measurement. I would have to re-read Hawkins proposal in order to see his references in regards to time as an entity.

    However in general time does not exist it is a unit used to measure the existence of space. such as we use other units of measurement for distance etc...

    not sure if that helps at all.
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