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How do I plot a log log graph using this equations?

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    I need to plot (HgAh) and (HdAm) As Fuction of G( Gas flow rate) with lines of Constant L( Liquid flow rate) and discern M and P from the equations above from Log Log Graphs.

    I have collected a table of raw data with Various G at constant L.

    How do I proceed?
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    It depends on the software you have available.
    I can recommend gnuplot. It's free, it's good, and it's a standard tool.
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    Can't I just do it on excel ?
    I don't undersntand how to get P and M from these equations by taking the log

    log (hG aH) = log (Ch G^m L^n)


    log ( hD aM) = log (Cm G^p L^q)

    any idea?
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    I already have all the HdAm and HgAh for various Gas and Liquid flowrates
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