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In summary, the conversation discusses the limitations of the TeX input processor and the use of HTML for formatting in MathJax. The feature of having an itemized list is seen as beneficial for representing mathematical content.
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its usually this
\item How
\item Now
\item Brown
\item Cow

would be nice but don't see it
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According to Mathjax:

First and foremost, the TeX input processor implements only the math-mode macros of TeX and LaTeX, not the text-mode macros. MathJax expects that you will use standard HTML tags to handle formatting the text of your page; it only handles the mathematics. So, for example, MathJax does not implement \emph or \begin{enumerate}...\end{enumerate} or other text-mode macros or environments. You must use HTML to handle such formatting tasks.
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\item is the perfect feature for so many math representations.

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$$\text{Itemized List:} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 1} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 2} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 3}$$
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greg1313 said:
$$\text{Itemized List:} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 1} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 2} \\
\text{ }\cdot\text{Item 3}$$
Instead of \cdot you could also try \bullet (which is bolder):
$$\bullet\ \text{ Item 1} \\ \bullet\ \text{Item 2} \\ \bullet\ \text{Item 3}$$

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