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How matter converted into energy?

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    What needs to convert matter into energy by E=mc^2?
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    Matter to energy conversion is generally confined to particle annihilation (e.g. electron-positron annihilation) or nuclear processes (e.g. fusion or fission).
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    In formula E=mc^2 whats role of 'c'?
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    It's a constant of proportionality; a unit conversion between mass and energy.
  6. Mar 27, 2012 #5
    What if i want to convert matter of my body in to energy?
    M i need to run with speed of light or more?
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    the very fact that you have mass will prevent you from running at the speed of light.

    E=MC^2 C= the speed of light, it is not to do with how fast the matter is travelling.
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    Mass will prevent to run with speed of light, means imposible to gain speed of light?
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    Matter can never reach the speed of light.
    If you want your body's mass to be converted to energy, your best bet would be to find a roughly equivalent weight of anti-matter, and annihilate with it....
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