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News How much trouble can a city of 477 people get into?

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    A lot! The city in question is Hampton, Florida, which may be erased from the map by the state legislature in a few weeks:

    A Dot on the Map, After Scandal, Could Be Wiped Off (NY Times)

    Speed trap city accused of corruption, threatened with extinction (CNN)

    mayor of corrupt Hampton, Florida, resigns -- from jail (CNN)

    My wife and I drove through (or rather, past) Hampton many times on our way to visit my parents when they lived in south Florida. We usually spent the night in Starke, the county seat, a few miles to the north.

    Somehow, we never got a speeding ticket there. :biggrin:
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    Something tells me this isn't the only city that needs a spanking
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    Looks like Hampton has cleaned up its act:

    City too corrupt for Florida is spared (CNN.com)

    Among other things, they've agreed to disband their police force (and presumably turn over law enforcement to the county sheriff's office), and have drafted an ordinance to de-annex the section of of US 301 that they were using as a speed trap.

    However, motorists will still have to watch out for the neighboring towns of Waldo and Lawtey. :uhh:
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