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How some people lose themselves in online gaming

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    Here's a weird and a very sad story:

    A child dies while web-addict parents raise 'virtual' baby on Prius Online

    More ...

    And, on BBC

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    That's really sad and I can only think of the parents as irresponsible.
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    The baby girl died of malnutrition, a severe sign of neglect on the part of the parents.

    The weird part is the parents played a game that involved the rearing of a virtual child.
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    Here's another case: Addiction to the online game "EverQuest"

    Dennis Bennett managed to stop playing playing the game "EverQuest"

    Source: When games stop being fun
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    Math Is Hard

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    That was really good. Particularly this point:

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    I'm pretty much obsessed with online gaming, so I can probabily give an insight into what occurs.
    First, you start playing. Then, you start meeting people. Then, you start playing with these people and you're in constant competition to get better. Moreover, some of these games have unlimited depths of strategy, there's no cap to how good you can get, so time investment directly correlates to how good you are compared to others. These online strategy games usually require in depth intellectual involvement and strategy formulation, this coupled with the requirement of teamwork can make it absolutely irresistable to some people.

    Before you know it you're playing this awesome game with teammates formulating complex strategies, always trying to get better. Irresistable. It's not like these people are watching movies all day or just playing single player games, it's so different.

    As for games like WoW that don't require strategy, that I cannot really understand. I guess it's online with real people completing quests and leveling up and discovering awesome stuff making you stronger, I guess that would be addictive.
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