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How were Hiroshima and Nagasiki bombs filmed? Did the pilots survive?

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    The bomb kills everything around it so i was wondering if the people who shot the bomb where safe or even if the pilots health was affected by the bomb..
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    As I recall, there was a second plane on the Hiroshima run and it took the pics. Yes, everyone survived in the planes and there have been no reports of adverse affects on the aircraft crew. They were not THAT near the blast and were not there for long.
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    Yes, Tibbets recounts in the many WW2 documentaries I've watched over the years how he was instructed to make a "hard right" (or left) at a certain angle to avoid the effects of the blast. But it worked.
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    They screwed up, though, and only got one pic, the iconic one where the cloud slants to the right (or left) at the top.

    They cheat, though, and always intermix footage of later bombings to the Hiroshima one to make it look more dramatic. Drives me nuts, because it's historical inaccuracy, and if there's anything I HATE, it's historical innacuracies.

    In fact, I just watched a show yesterday, one of the "Secret war" shows on the military channel called "Hitlers atom bomb" where they said that the allies needed to destroy the plant in Norway making heavy water to prevent Hitler from being able to produce the Plutonium that was needed for an atom bomb. While they were saying that, they were showing animated footage from an entirely different documentary showing the uranium gun bomb used at Hiroshima. I mean, I'm not an expert, but the plutonium model was not the gun type, but that's what it seemed to allude to, so it bugged me. The series, "Sectret war," is great otherwise. Maybe someone can cross check my analysis.
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