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Howdy smart peoples I'm here to pick or poke brains

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    My name is Dan and I live in Sacramento California USA. I am terrible at math, physics and spelin, which I realize may make communications with me tedious but please bear with, I'm here to seek knowledge, instruction and great intelligent conversations.
    I love logic, reason, theory and philosophy (I know the last doesn't jive well here but please tolerate me). I have some rudimentary education in cosmology and I yearn for more.

    Thanks for your interactions, this should be fun!

    (post edited do to robotic instruction)
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read our rules and guidelines in the link below and be aware that we strive to be courteous to other posters and will warn, infract or ban posters who don't respond in a courteous manner (i.e. dump the sarcasm, enjoy your own lemons, use a spell checker and remember no discussion of personal theories or speculative science).

    Take care,
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