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I am very intrigued by the theory of quantum physics

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    This subject is pretty new to me i'm not in school or anything but my mind is hungry for knowledge and there is so much to learn and discover when it comes to quantum physics. please fellow physicists tell me what you know and what you think some one new would enjoy learning. feed my mind. =)
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    You are asking for a MASSIVE dissertation. Do some research on your own and come back with specific questions. The internet is FULL of decent material that's free.
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    I enjoyed learning the early history of quantum theory - starting with the ultraviolet catastrophe and ending with the schrodinger equation & heisenberg's mechanics.
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    thank you jorris i did start with schrodingers cat gonna check ultra violet catastrophy and i have done some research i was seeing what other people had to say about what intrigues them.
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    Or you could just get a quantum mechanics book that starts with a historical perspective. Most modern physics books do this, mcquarrie quantum chemistry, etc.

    The thing is, if I tell you what intrigues me about quantum mechanics - it's things like gauge invariance and the aharonov bohm effect, bose-einstein and fermi-dirac gasses, etc. Stuff that takes a lot of time and effort to get to and to understand. If you want to learn the exciting aspects of QM, you need to get through the boring parts and do the subject right.
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    Could you tell us how much math you know, so we can better tailor the recommendation?
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    That would be my suggestion as well - just dive in and persevere.

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    I just finished reading the book Entanglement and I now want to learn more about the Measurement Problem. It seems to be one of the more mind blowing aspects of quantum physics.
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    I recently read QED by Richard Feynman, that was a good place to start. Another one I am currently reading which is pretty good is called the quantum divide. There are also some good introductory textbooks, I read a bit of griffiths' introductory textbook, and that is laid out very well. A word of caution, this stuff not only is weird, but perplexing. Don't give up if it seems too confusing initially.
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    There are two ways to start. Firstly you start from history, read up david bohm or any of these books, there come chronologically, else start off from the interesting things directly, read feynmann lectures vol3, or book by Prof G Venkataraman called, The Breakthrough its his first book on the quantum theory, thin and a very interesting and amazing starting point!!! It introduces all key idea without going into the details of mathematics, after that just jump into either the book by Dirac or read Sakurai!!!!
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