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I believe in infinity, but what does that mean?

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    I believe in infinity. I believe the universe is infinite in size and possibilities...
    I was watching a tv program about this and I fundamentally disagreed with their conclusions.

    I believe infinity must mean that there can be no repetition and infinite does not mean "impossible". The tv program suggested that everything must be possible and so therefore everthing must happen. I just cannot believe it.

    I can, for example, create a set of infinite numbers between 0 and 1. I know for a fact that none of these numbers ever repeat and none of these numbers are less than 0 and more than 1. But there can be no doubt that this is an infinite range of numbers. How then, can these people/scientists suggest that in an infinite universe we should repeat? How can there be some clone worlds that are almost exactly the same as our own known universe at a calculable distance away from us.

    This is a fact that I just don't agree exists. Infinity does not imply such repetition, infact I believe it implies the opposite.

    I guess this is philosophy more than science as it cannot be mathematically proved. If it can then I would love to see it. Maybe it is my limited mind that won't let me accept this. Anyone out there willing to tell me why infinite size means there are an infinite number of mes', writing this message? This is head hurting.
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    This sounds more like a philosophy discussion topic, Gus. We do have a philosophy forum.

    You mentioned the number interval between 0 and 1. You note that there are an unlimited supply of numbers in that interval.

    Pick one, like maybe 1/2. There are also infinitely many number almost exactly equal to 1/2. You can find as many as you please, as close as you like to 1/2.
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    ah, then i apologise if I am spamming the wrong forum with nonesense. I have read this reasoning of infinity in many places, but i guess it is just popular junk. However I am still interested in the subject, so if some kind moderator would forgive my first transgression and move my post to somewhere appropriate then I will be glad!
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    not to apologize about! And one of the mods might think it was appropriate here, or in cosmo, or in math, or in philosophy. I can't predict.
    It is not what cosmologists normally think about. To me it sounds like philosophy. But someone else could differ.

    BTW do you find it hurts your head to imagine that somewhere in the universe there is a galaxy which contains exactly the same number of atoms as our Milky Way galaxy does?

    I'm not talking about being a copy, or resembling, except in this one thing. Say that Milky contains a jillion and 13 atoms. Does it seem likely to you that in an infinite U there would be some other galaxy with exactly a jillion and 13 atoms? Yes or No :biggrin:
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    well thanks for your answer Marcus. It is actually a very good point.
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