I know, lets launch a car into space

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Ok, let's face it, space shuttles are expensive. Very expensive. Wouldn't it be great if we could find a low cost alternative vehicle to launch into space, like, oh, I dunno, a Reliant Robin- one of those crappy little three wheel cars that have been mocked continuously from their release to present day. What do you suppose would happen if one were strapped onto the back of a scaled down shuttle launcher and blasted into the skies of northern england? Click the link to find out (skip to about 17:50 for the launch). Best waste of BBC money ever! :rofl:

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They nearly made it too!

The launch looked pretty perfect - just the failure to separate left me :cry:

British engineering at its finest! :approve:

e2a: they pulled most of the America one from youtube but this one stays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7-1XVob2Xw:rofl:
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Was a lovely straight ascent until the boosters separated and the bolt failed. I think they should try again :smile:
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That was excellent! I love the humor.
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I was weeing myself all the way through this one. I thought the trip across the US was the best yet. Can't wait for Sunday night!
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seems like the link is not working :cry:

edit.. here are some currently working links:

part2: edit2... Just watched it, awesome :rofl:
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omg, you got to be kidding me!

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best programme ever.
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I missed the shuttle episode, but the one where they went to the US was hilarious! here's a short clip:
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LMAO that clip is hilarious. When is the next part of the US trip going to air?
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Hehehe... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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mattmns said:
LMAO that clip is hilarious. When is the next part of the US trip going to air?

Its been aired fully but the BBC keep removing the program from places like youtube and google video because of copyright laws.

1. How can a car survive in space?

Before launching a car into space, it would need to be modified with special materials and technology to withstand the extreme conditions of space. This could include heat shields to protect against intense temperatures, pressurized compartments to maintain air for humans inside, and reinforced structures to withstand the force of launch and potential collisions.

2. What is the purpose of launching a car into space?

Launching a car into space could serve various purposes, such as testing the capabilities of new space technology, conducting experiments on how objects behave in space, or simply for publicity and entertainment purposes.

3. How will the car be launched into space?

The car would likely be launched into space using a rocket or other space launch vehicle. The vehicle would need to have enough power to lift the weight of the car and any additional equipment needed for the launch.

4. Will the car eventually fall back to Earth?

Yes, the car will eventually fall back to Earth due to the pull of gravity. However, depending on the trajectory and speed of the launch, it could take years or even decades for the car to re-enter Earth's atmosphere.

5. What impact will launching a car into space have on the environment?

Launching a car into space could have potential impacts on the environment, such as air and noise pollution from the launch, and potential debris from the launch vehicle. However, these impacts would likely be minimal and temporary.

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