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I like it when people can explain things simply.

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    Hi, my name is Aaron Liu and I'm a family physician in Philadelphia, PA. I joined this forum to interact with interesting people and to learn about physics. For example, I am interested in maintaining my car, and I became interested in how internal combustion engines work. I am trying to learn how to drive my car and how to maintain the fuel delivery system so that the car's life can be prolonged. I like chemistry. I especially enjoy improving my intuitive understanding of Newtonian mechanics--concepts like angular motion, acceleration, force, and energy conservation--so that I can understand physical phenomena better and understand how things like machines and industrial processes work. I am also interested in forms of energy--such as light, sound, and heat--and their behavior. I am interested in electromagnetism and in DC circuits, but I'm more interested in appreciating them than doing heavy mental lifting to understand them deeply. I'd like to know things like how a transformer works. I'd like to know why the windshield of my car contains annoying reflections that decrease visibility, and how its manufacture produced that result. Things like that.

    I like it when people can explain things by simple concepts, analogies, and equations that I can add to my working knowledge... so I can understand the everyday. I'm sure I'll ask more questions than I will give answers.
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    Welcome to PF Aaron!
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    Hi Aaron, I'm also a recent arrival to PF. It's bloody brilliant for people like me and you. You have questions to ask not because you have an exam, but simply because you're trying "to impress yourself". In my first week alone I've come across people of great eruditon and generosity.

    Speaking of the "great explainers", I'm a teacher, though not of Science or Math to any significant level, and soon I will be "subcontracting" out the "explanation phase of things" to an expert with infinite patience, Sal Khan, of Khan Academy. I have gained so much from AP Chemistry, Physics and Math. Sal has a knack for explaining and he'll uncomplainingly repeat the same thing for me 10 times if necessary.

    Also, I just posted a request for a book recommendation on an introduction to Physics and I got a fantastic reply which I've been following up on.

    So, welcome aboard!
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