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I think I may have a 'man crush' on Richard Feynman

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    Hi all,

    I'm new here. How is everyone doing?

    I'm here because this amazing teacher: (Richard Buckland) got me interested in Richard Feynman (itself a continuation of a recent fascination/urge to learn more about the universe) - and Richard Feynman talks caused me to ponder the strength of gravity, and to ask a question on here that I couldn't reason through myself.

    I love thinking about the small, and the big, in parallel. I find an extra-ordinary number of paradoxes in life, and I love how they make me feel: for example, I wish in equal measure that I had been a physicist, and a software developer in my lifetime, and yet I know that I could not have come to that conclusion without having lived this life (in which I am neither a physicist nor a software developer)!
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    Welcome. No doubt Feynman is cool.
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