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If Beethoven know when he created last

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    if Beethoven was know when he created last Musical he's going to make hem Deaf
    does he stop that work ?
    and stop created he's Musical we listen to it even now?
    1-if you know you in that case what are going to do ?
    2-if I am in that case what you think what have to do ?
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    I have no idea what you just wrote.
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    all what i try to say if you know you work or your study just push you to over max
    even in the money what you have to do
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    You do realise that he didnt go deaf becuase he created music right?
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    If I am correct that you are indicating a belief that the music was what took Beethoven's hearing then the above quote should answer that part of your question. And Beethoven continued performing even after he was deaf.
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    I think what he's trying to say is:
    if Beethoven knew he'll become deaf after he did his last musical work, will he still do it?

    sounds like you're saying; if you know that you will die next week, will you let go everything you normally do?!!
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    If what you do is your life, surely you keep going, no matter what.
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    scientist live like the Beethoven live
    some adjectives how you live be came to

    1-you should work to hard for to many year
    1-you don't have money supporting
    2-your job just give you base of normal live
    3-drop everything on your mined just for you job because you need more and
    more idea to have solution for problems in your search
    4-you didn't look to your self any more and you personal live
    5-not Involved the Social occasions.
    5-the people look at you to see sluggard person
    6-you health care keeping down

    all that just for what !!!/????
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    Oh such words of wisdom *tear*.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm not sure how you got that, but if you're right it misses an important point. Beethoven continued to compose long after he went deaf. He wrote his 9th symphony (and the incomplete 10th) after he was deaf. Also Fidelio (his only opera) and Hammerklavier.
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    sure, I knew he didn’t stop after his deafness, but I don’t know if what I typed was right, cause he [markone2] didn’t confirm that I get it right as he thought of it, still I just tried to clear this as I understood it..

    but in any case, it does not matter if he stopped or not, it’s about the fact that led him to conclude that Beethoven’s work is the cause of his deafness, which is not, I suppose.
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    I think he's asking if working away one's health and prospect of a normal life is worth achieving something great like composing timeless symphonies. like artists or scientists who became so obsessed with their work that they became incredibly reclusive, but in the end did great things.

    did I win? :biggrin:

    to which my answer would be: I think self fulfillment is more important than happiness, which is sort of an elusive concept anyway. If having a "normal," comfortable life is what makes you feel fulfilled as an individual, then that's the lifestyle you should pursue. But if you're the type of person who finds fulfillment in achieving important things, and you want to dedicate your life to writing the next great symphony, or epic poem, or scientific research, or whatever... then do that.
    If you need both, then there's always a middle ground, and there are many artists and scientists (the majority, actually) who aren't so obsessed with their work that they are unable to also lead regular lives.
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    I believe people of this mind tend to be most unhappy when they are unable to fulfill their "purpose". Trying to lead a normal life would not bring them happiness.

    Anyway, chicks dig the tragic brooding genius. ;-)
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    I didn't mean fulfillment as in some cosmic purpose (well, in some cases it was so, like Newton, who did believe he was chosen by God), I meant fulfillment in the sense of feeling like, at the end of the day, you didn't waste your time.

    Not being happy doesn't entail being miserable. In any case, I don't think it's possible to "be happy"-- not for more than an instant in which you gain something, and then it's gone. Happiness is not something you can "achieve", it's a transitory emotion-- pleasurable, but not much more. Chasing things that you believe will make you happy is how you end up being miserable; at least more so than the guy who isn't chasing any wild notion, but rather enjoying each moment by doing things that make him feel like a fulfilled individual-- whether it's composing symphonies, or simply raising a family, that's up to that individual.

    life is very long.
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    hey, I must say

    that is so correct and really nice words of you!
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    the point not the Beethoven live
    the world are not perfect
    the people look always to more popular of things with out thinking if that good or bad ........
    so i am sure he didn't look to that way because he known his work make hem feel better and
    make hem less of angry became his stricken live
    i am sure the last symphony not complete because his Musical instruments or his ear
    i am can say it affined of his feelings and his experience music his way ferrying How he was the perception of the world...
    the first post i think is mean really clear so if any read one it just one more can Understand the Meaning of my question but
    sorry about my language because have problem in translate and find correct world in right place
    thank you (moe darklight) for you replay

    i am just not in that case
    i am ready finish my study so i am think about which way i have go on
    In my cases do not have any support or resources
    if any one ask why I say that ?
    because i am feeling i I have something
    so i need put my feet on correct way
    I do not want drop All I have just for look to easy way............
    the best answer came form people nice
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