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If reincarnation is true and we've had an infinite number of past

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    If reincarnation is true and we've had an infinite number of past lives, does that mean that we've lived as everyone else before, as our current lives before, and all possible lives before.
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    Re: reincarnation

    Take it this way : if two plus two give five, then I'm Santa Claus. You can logically infer infer whatever you want from a falsity. This is the only scientific answer your post can receive IMHO
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    Re: reincarnation

    Not that I believe in reincarnation, but I don't think this logically follows. Most believers in reincarnation do not accept a steady state model of the universe, so they would probably say that you've lived a finite number of past lives.
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    Re: reincarnation

    And if a bullfrog had wings, it wouldn't bump its *** so much. As Arunma pointed out, the belief in an infinite number of past lives would indicate that the universe has existed for ever. Since most organized religions include a creation scenario, they obviously don't believe that.
    Humanino is correct that the question is rather ridiculous from a scientific standpoint.
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    Re: reincarnation

    Your statement is false, 2+2=5 in characteristic 1. :biggrin:
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