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If universes are being spawned by a mother universe

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    If universes are being spawned by a mother universe ....

    ... would the mother universe be aware of its children?

    This concerns the idea that our universe could have been spawned by an upper-level universe somehow, and we can't rule out the possibility that daughter universes could be spawned now and then from black holes in our own universe. On and on.

    My assumption is that the mother universe would likely be unaware of its daughters, because they would exist in dimensions other than the mother's spatial dimensions. I'd also guess that the daughters would be unaware of their siblings because their dimensions would also be different, and even gravitational effects wouldn't be felt between siblings or between mother and child.

    In other words, this is interesting to consider but even if there is a multiverse I doubt that there could be any interaction between universes, so it could never be proved.
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    My question is what happens to the 'baby' when momma evaporates? It looks suspiciously like 'free' energy to assume a complete causal disconnect.
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    The course of physics for many years has been along lines of observation and measurement that would have astounded those of earlier generations...telescope...light microscope....electron microscope....CERN....PLANCK satellite......

    - Robert Goddard (1882-1945)
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    I heard or read somewhere, I don't remember where or who said it, but they postulated that in the case of a multiverse existing, there is a possibility of collisions. And then universes could become aware of each other.. Just an interesting thought. It all seems kinda of farfetched, but, hey, so did the idea of the earth revolving around the sun..
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    See this recent discussion: scientists ARE seeking evidence of earlier universes.....

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    That's all speculative. It would be so cool if there were interaction between universes that we might be letting ourselves be seduced by any theory that suggests the possibility. It just seems to me that if each universe has its own spacetime - its own space and time - then a collision sounds unlikely. Hope I'm wrong. It's almost impossible for me to get my mind around such concepts as separate spacetimes, so I hope there are smarter dudes out there who can.
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