If you follow Moto GP, you may like this

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In summary, the MotoGP race at Assen was very exciting. For those who don't follow MotoGP, Rossi is an 8 time MotoGp Champion and Lorenzo is his Yamaha Teammate.
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If you follow Moto GP, you may like this...

Up till now, this was most most exciting Moto GP race I had ever seen:


This one is even better. For those who don't follow MotoGP. Valentino Rossi is 8 time MotoGp Champion, Lorenzo is his Yamaha Teammate and a rookie, but already has made quite a mark for himself, they are both on Yamaha M1 GP Bikes, roughly 220+ HP, with cross-plane crank shaft... for smooth power delivery off corners. Rossi won his last MotoGP Championship in 2008.


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I thought I would include two short clips of high speed slow motion Video of the 2009 Isle of Mann TT.
Only one American, http://www.motorcycleclassics.com/parting-shots/2007-11-01/dave-roper.aspx" has ever won a race there.

Races for 2010 are held: May 29th - June 12th, and on my near term to-do list.

Here is their official link: http://www.iomtt.com/"


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For anyone considering buying the 2009 Isle of Mann Blue Ray DVD:

It can be purchased here: http://www.iomtt.com/Shop/DVDs-and-CDs.aspx"

Compared to the standard version of years past, it is incredible, makes you feel like you are there, highly recommended.

Be aware when you order, though, the provider appears to be a one man operation and I had to wait over two weeks and a couple of clarifying e-mails, phone calls to eventually get the Blue Ray DVD, but it was worth the wait. You will not be disappointed.

Rhody... :smile:
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Amazing. I had to stop watching MotoGP when I sold my sportbike...too depressing. :)

I can't believe Rossi is still winning races. I was hoping someone would have overthrown him by now.
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Ok I posted too soon. That second video in Catalunya was ridiculous!
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Never really watched MotoGP, 4 wheel fan as opposed to 2. But I've got to say, as far as any racing goes, that Catalunya 09 was simply stunning.

Also got to love the Manx TT.
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Motorcycle racing fans on PF - fantastic!

Can't way for the 2010 seasons to get underway.

Anyway, as far as recent battles go, I thought Spies vs. Haga @ Assen was ace:

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Eurosport have not covered MotoGP in 2009 That's the first season since Kenny Roberts times that I have not seen most races.
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iomtt6076 said:
Anyway, as far as recent battles go, I thought Spies vs. Haga @ Assen was ace:

Very, very nice...



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