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I'll bet you a million pennies this is the stupidest thing you've ever heard!

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    that's right. your eyes are not lying. you are not hallucinating. the Mint copyrighted the image of the canadian cent and the words "one cent" back in the 40's. now they are suing the government for using the image and name of the coin.

    in other words, the Canadian government it suing itself for using an image it itself copyrighted... with my money.

    no matter how many ways I say it, I can't make it sound less idiotic.
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    Sorry Moe, but given the content of your post, I had to delete the photo you posted to avoid copyright infringement. The irony of it has not gone unnoticed. :biggrin:
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    I thought the US was the only place where politicians played politics. Or as Kinky Friedman says: polyticks.
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    :rofl: LMAO!!!
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    :rofl: :wink:
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    I want to know who made the decision to sue at the Mint. I want a picture so I can point at it and laugh some more.

    Maybe the city should have stuck an actual penny on their ads. It might have been cheaper than printing one.
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    No problem, since to have copyright they are obviously art works - the city of Toronto just has to charge the mint GST on any pennies bought or sold in the City.
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    This reminds me of that Coke Zero commercial, where the Coke department managers want to sue managers of the Coke Zero department for "taste infringment."
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    It's very possible that the Canadian government doesn't print the money. Example: the US Federal Reserve, which prints American money, is a private company.
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