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Infomercial watching early morning

  1. Mar 8, 2007 #1
    Who is up at four in the morning watching these things??

    I had to get up early Saturday to make a trip to the Airport. I woke up too early and had about an hour to kill. What I saw while flipping channels and sipping coffee amazed me.

    Does anyone need Hip Hop Abbs? Then there was the "Spinner" tm which was just a cheapo stationary bicycle. Several "buy the video and get rich quick" adds were running. Real estate for no money down is still around.

    The topper was the Reverend Peter Popoff pedaling his miracle spring water. This guy has been around for over twenty years.

    Collectively are we really that dumb?

    worried in Tucson
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    I gave up watching tv 14 months ago, i watch stargate on mom and dads and thats it, even then the adds drive me nuts, i could very easily kill Zargon (yellow pages add).
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    Like daytime television is any better. Let's just say the SAT wasn't kidding when it said you were in the 99th percentile.
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    Its always sold by some australian guy too.
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    I might assume that since it has gone on for many years now, it works. So, in answer to the original question, yes. People watch them, people buy them.
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    Yeah, thats the part that concerns me. Anyone who can't see though those things must have the IQ of an ice cube.
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    And they vote...and sit on juries. Scary, huh? I have jury duty coming up soon, and keep thinking about that...a jury of WHOSE peers? Should people's fates and lives be left in the hands of 12 people who just might be gullible enough to buy things sold on infomercials? And what if I wind up on a jury and find myself trapped in a room with 11 of them?! :eek:
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    HAHAHA! O man I LOVE peter popoff. he has a the scariest face I ever seen on a human being, and even his voice sounds like some sort of cartoon-villain who is planning to take over the world.

    and he yells at you "GOD LOVES YOU!"
    and you're like "AH!"

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    LOL, "have you ever bought anything you saw on a TV infomercial?", will probably become part of the jury selection process used by attorneys.:eek: :eek:
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    I'd demand it be my attorney's question if I was ever a defendant in a trial! I have a list of others, but I won't discuss them here, because those topics end up too controversial and I just don't want to start it up again. You can probably guess at some from my past posts.
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